March 02, 2013 - - - 7:23 a.m.

Wine Glasses

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Today we celebrate the existence of wine glasses. Wine snobs insist on having at least 32 different shapes of wine glasses for different kinds of wine. People who enjoy wine instead of snobbing over it get by just fine with just one, and it's a matter of personal choice which one.

The classic coupe chalice, sometimes used for champagne, is alleged by an unsupportable urban legend to have been molded from the shape of Marie Antoinette's left tit, a contention that's conclusively debunked here seeing as how this shape of glass was already in use a coupla centuries before her lifetime.

Anyhow, modern wine snobs don't like that shape of wine glass anyhow, preferring to drink their champagne from a tall thin glass. But hey, if you like it, use it! Wine snobs can like it or lump it!

Anyhow, MrsPest and I don't have wine at home very often, but when we do, we've gotta hunt at length through our motley assortment of wine glasses to find two that match.

So yesterday we emptied out our wine glass cabinet.

Five dessert wine glasses. Three red wine glasses. One white wine glass. Two ultra-miniature wine glasses of uncertain purpose. One medieval-style wine chalice. One tall short-stemmed chalice-style glass. Seven cheap junk over-ornate medieval chalices. Three single-shot brandy snifters. One half-shot brandy snifter. One double-shot brandy snifter. One four-shot brandy snifter. One huge (about 7 or 8 shot) brandy snifter that we got as a freebie from the old Vittles & Grog restaurant.

Then MrsPest remembered a set of a dozen very nice wine glasses that she inherited, and we've never used, so we forcibly extracted them from deep storage.

So, we're keeping the dozen nice wine glasses, the five dessert wine glasses, the three single-shot brandy snifters, and the commemorative Vittles & Grog snifter. The rest of the junk is packaged up to go to our church's Grandiose May Fest Antiques And Junque Sale.

The wine glass cabinet is now rearranged so we've got some sorta chance of finding what we want. Maybe along about month after next or thereabouts we'll do another bottle of wine and use the nice wine glasses for the first time.

Happy Wine Drinking!


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