April 18, 2013 - - - 7:21 a.m.


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Today we make fun of the nation of Turkey for sentencing a piano player to ten months in prison for observing that Islam is just another form of Idiocy. Apparently Muslims are such twinkle-toed wimps that they can't stand the thought of somebody telling it like it is.

Yesterday was volunteer lawn mowing day at the graveyard, and so I went up to mow the columbarium. The lawnmower barn door was already open and the Giant Mower Of Death and one of the John Deere mowers were gone, so I figured somebody was already out mowing some distant far reaches of the campus.

It did, however, look sorta funny that they had taken the padlock with them instead of leaving it dangling from the hasp like we usually do. It also looked sorta funny that the lock was also taken off the door of the Ladies Guild section of the barn.

But I went ahead and mowed the columbarium. As more people arrived and started checking things out, it became apparent that the barn had been burgled (the padlocks apparently got chopped off with a bolt cutter) and the Giant Mower Of Death and the biggest John Deere mower and all the gas cans had been stolen.

So, the police got called and they came and investigated. I don't know what's gonna happen next. Everything's insured so it'll get replaced, and maybe we'll install a security camera or an alarm system or something.

Anyhow, we managed to get most of the graveyard mowed with what little equipment we had left. I mow the tiny little columbarium with the tiny little manual mower that nobody would ever steal because almost nobody even knows how to use one of those things nowadays.

And then in the evening the church pot luck dinner was sixteen people including both preachers.

And so today I'll go down and mow the lawn at St Peters Chapel, and then in the afternoon there'll be a funeral.

Happy Thursday!


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