June 25, 2013 - - - 6:55 a.m.

Earthly Authority Clown Show

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Today we make fun of the entire clown show leading to the conviction of Silvio Berlusconi, ex-premier of Italy, for some kinda sex scandal.

This sorta reminds me of one of the medieval Jewish rabbinical debate topics: whether possession of earthly authority makes a person morally corrupt or whether a person has to be morally corrupt in the first place to ever get into a position of earthly authority.

Well anyhow, yesterday's quest to the county govt with my pictures of my dead tree and the drawing of my property appears to have started the process to get the permit to have the tree chopped down. They told me the process will probably take about two weeks.

I suppose that's probably okay in this case. The tree isn't showing any evidence of rot nor anything else to suggest it might fall soon.

And then I took a stroll down onto the island, past where a new restaurant called The Striped Rock is gonna open soon. A buncha waiters and waitresses were in a training session, including Laura the Bartender who, up until recently, was our favorite bartender at one of our old favorite places.

So Laura the Bartender strolled out to yak a while, and says she's got a new job here, where she's gonna be not just a bartender but the head boss bartender, and also manage the entire bar operation, determining how the booze needs to be stocked, what brands to carry, what special drink recipes are gonna be served, and so forth. She's pretty happy about the step up.

Anyhow, for a variety of reasons the auspices do not look good for us to dine there this weekend but maybe weekend after next or thereabouts. We're pretty sure that Laura the Bartender wouldn't be willing to work any place that wasn't top-notch.

And so today's quest is gonna be to see what I can get done in the oppressive humidity that the Wondrous Weather Website is predicting for today.

Happy Humidity!


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