September 16, 2013 - - - 7:28 a.m.

Church Services

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Today we make fun of church services. Here's one preacher's conception of what the Holy Trinity would look like if they went to church.

Well anyhow, Father D preached yesterday's sermon in 13 minutes and 3 seconds. Father D, by the way, has a background in theater and entertainment so he's actually sorta fun to listen to.

And then in the afternoon we drove up to see our son's newly purchased house in Baltimore. It's in the innermost convoluted depths of the city so we used Princess Henrietta the Navigator (our GPS gadget) to get in and out.

We weren't sure of the exact place on the way in, so we had to cellaphone him to have him stand out front and wave at us as we drove by trying to figure out which of several dozen identical houses was his.

And then on the way back out, Princess Henrietta the Navigator directed us round and about the yonder reaches of Baltimore and we ended up going through the Fort McHenry tunnel. Kinda interesting when we were fumbling around trying to find our pot of money to pay the toll with, and the payment screen instantly popped up "TOLL PAID BY EZ_PASS" and the toll gate popped up for us.

So I thought, oh yeah, I remember now, that little white box that's been stuck to the windshield for so long that it's just part of the normal scenery and I've long ago forgotten what it does for a living.

So we made it back home okay.

And so today looks like it's gonna be a good day to do lotsa cool and neat and groovy stuff, then in the evening there's gonna be a music presento put on by some group called El Petite Chanters or something like that, from Haiti, which is touring the country.

Happy Monday!


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