October 16, 2013 - - - 6:34 a.m.

Epilepsy and Demons

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Today we again make fun of Pope Francis. He's perhaps not quite the totally delusional cretin that most of his predecessors have been, but he's still a demented woo-woo-meister who thinks epilepsy can be caused by demons. Or maybe by ouija boards. Or maybe spiritual mediums. Or maybe New Age. Or maybe psychologists.

Anyhow, I met the Grandiose Colonoscopy Medicine Man (who's actually a woman, but the term Medicine Man sounds more traditional) for my preparatory apptment, got the actual apptment scheduled for next Wednesday, and received the instructions for prepping my digestive system by filling it full of emptiness.

Then on the way home I stopped at Mr Tire to get new tires for Nelson the Nissan. They didn't have Nelson's size in stock, so they back ordered them.

Then I stopped at the Village Apothecary to pick up the prescribed Sluice Juice I'm gonna need for filling my digestive system full of emptiness.

Then I stopped at False Value Hardware to pick up a coupla items I need for the queen-size bed I'm building.

Then I went to the post office to pick up the mail, which there was lots of because that's a little errand we neglected the day before.

That finished off the morning, so I spent the afternoon working on the new bed. Pre-finishing assembly is almost complete now except for putting the back on the headboard, which I'll do today.

Then comes sanding, defects-and-flaws correcting, more sanding, then stain and varnish, then final assembly. Then the hard part begins: wangling enough people into helping me get the huge monster upstairs. Yeah, it comes apart, and each part is one-man-carryable, but I still want a bit of reserve strength standing by for going up our ultra-steep stairs.

Sure glad today is Wednesday, the longest day of the week, the only day that's nine letters long, so I'll have plenty of time to do everything I wanna do by this evening, when there'll be another church pot luck dinner.

Happy Longest Day Of The Week!


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