November 04, 2013 - - - 6:27 a.m.

Muslims on Mars

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Today we make fun of some loony-screw Moozlamic Moo-Lah who has issued a Grandiose Fatwa prohibiting Muslims from traveling to Mars. Now, folks, by the time it's technologically possible for living humans to travel to Mars, is anybody gonna even remember the Fatwa?

Yesterday the Grandiose All Saints And All Souls celebration was a total crashing bore. Unfortunately, I was socially obligated to participate because one of my relatives died this past year so I had to light one of the Grandiose Dead People Candles to stand in for her departed soul.

Oh well, at least that hogwash is over with for another year.

Today it looks like my Quest Of The Day is gonna be to do final assembly on the new queen-size bed. Drawer handles, chest lid hinges, paraffin the drawer skids, all that sorta stuff.

Then wait for my helper to arrive and lug the thing upstairs.

Actually it's not all that intractably heavy. Each stead quarter is about the size and weight of a large fully packed suitcase, within my ability to lift one-handed. The chest footboard is a wee bit heavier. The shelf headboard is the heaviest part but I can still lift it by myself, but getting it upstairs is another issue. The drawers are easy.

And then we got word from the county that they're finally gonna get started putting in the sidewalk they've been promising us for at least fifteen years. They sent us a legal easement we need to sign and get notarized so they'll be allowed to use the frontmost coupla yards of our front lawn.

Actually I think this easement is nothing more than a subset of an easement that's already part of the zoning code, but I think they just want one more layer of protection from assholes who are gonna waste everybody's time on useless trespassing lawsuits.

The cool part is that MrsPest is a notary but since she can't legally notarize our own stuff we're gonna hafta hunt down one of her worthy compadrionies.

Happy Easements!


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