November 11, 2013 - - - 7:11 a.m.

Lorenzo Somis

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Today we celebrate the birthday of Lorenzo Somis, born in 1688. I can't find anything in English about him, but as far as I can tell from my consultation with an Italian-English dictionary, he was apparently a music composer.

So here's how yesterday went. Since the plan was church in the morning and moving the bed and receiving delivery of the mattress in the afternoon, I dismantled the old master bed and moved the parts into the passageway in front of the guest bedroom before leaving for church.

Then, since it was a Bishop's Visitation Special Service, I expected it to be longer than normal. But it was longer than longer than longer than longer than anything believable. The bishop's sermon blew past the Windbag Barrier and kept on blowing. And then, with all the special bits of extra ceremonial hogwash, it drug on and on and on and yawn and yawn and yawn.

So, fearing that it would go on all the way through the afternoon and into the evening, I sneaked out during one of the more tumultuous moments when nobody would notice. I happened to notice several other people sneaking out, too.

So I got home, and a few minutes later JuniorPest arrived to help and we moved the new bed up to the master bedroom and assembled it. Then, a few more minutes later, the mattress arrived. Excellent timing!

So then along towards the end of the afternoon MrsPest arrived home, the church service having finally ended. So she put on the new sheets and blankets she had just purchased for the grand event.

Then I reassembled the old bed into the guest bedroom while MrsPest fixed us a huge gigantic celebration feast.

Our new bed then gave us a great night's sleep.

Since it looks like we're entering that time of year when frost might be possible, I suppose today's quest will probably include turning off the outdoor water and draining the hoses.

Happy Monday!


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