September 11, 2014 - - - 7:09 a.m.

Harry Tobias

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Today we celebrate the birthday of Harry Tobias, born in 1895. He was a song writer.

Yes, folks, I'm still alive and well. Yes, folks, I check my DiaryLand Notes every day. Yes, folks, I know that the supreme beast with 500+ horsepower in the Nissan showroom is simply Nissan's offering to compete with everybody else's offerings of cars that'll hit 200 miles per hour, a speed for which I have no realistic use, even on Md Rt 2-by-4 where the only way you can drive 90 in a 55 zone is to stay in the slow lane and let everybody pass.

Somehow I've let myself get talked into seeing a chiropractor about my wobbly knee. So far, all his poking and prodding and fancy hi-tech gadget manipulations have produced no change whatsoever.

So, after yesterday's chiropractor apptment I finished chopping out the tree stump in my front yard. The hardest part was lugging the chopping tools to the scene of the action and putting them away again. You need a splitting maul (15 lb), a sledge hammer (12 lb), a Giant Pry Bar Of Death (25 lb), 4 wedges (5 lb apiece), a post hole digger (10 lb), a spade (5 lb), and a mattock (10 lb).

Fortunately I've got a nice big garden wagon from Garden Way to haul the stuff.

And then last night's church pot luck dinner was 14 people. The presento afterwards was # 2 in the series of how Islam isn't as good as Christianity because their imaginary sky-fairy doesn't have 3 heads like ours does.

The presento was led by Long Announcement Lady, who did her usual masterful job of extending a 10 minute presento out to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Hey, she's mastered every trick in the book for stretching stuff out!

And so today's quest will be another chiropractor apptment followed by some more yard work, after which the Wondrous Weather Website is predicting some rain.

Happy Thursday!


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