September 18, 2014 - - - 6:35 a.m.

Frankie Avalon

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Today we wish a fond Happy Birthday to Frankie Avalon, born in 1940. He's an actor and singer who, back in his early career, used to turn vast crowds of giddy teenagers into screaming meemies.

Yesterday was another knee-jerk apptment with the chiropractor. So far, all these knee-jerks have had absolutely no results whatsoever, good or bad. Oh well, I'll keep up for a while longer and see if anything happens.

And then in the evening, the church pot luck dinner was 13 people and the presento afterwards was Session 3 of how Islam isn't as good as Christianity because their imaginary sky-zombie doesn't have 3 heads like ours does.

The question arose, why do Muslims go around murdering each other while obeying the command that Muslims can't murder other Muslims. I think this must be the answer. Yes, folks, just claim that since the other guy disagrees with you on some fine point of theology he's not a True Muslim so it's okay to murder him.

Christians used to do that, too. Does the Holy Spirit proceed from both the Father and the Son or from only the Father and not the Son? Never you mind that nobody has made a factual observation of the Holy Spirit proceeding so we'd know which is true, if you believe the opposite of what I do you're not a True Christian so I can murder you.

And are the Substances of the Father and the Son the same, alike, similar, or different? Nobody has taken these substances into the lab to analyze them, so we've just gotta murder each other if we disagree.

Christianity is a few centuries older than Islam, so we've mostly matured just a wee bit beyond that point (but only slightly), but they've still got a few years to go yet.

Well anyhow, today I've got another knee-jerk apptment with the chiropractor and then a dentist apptment to get a tooth filled. My life is getting fuller and fuller with doctor apptments. How soon should I oughta just bag all the doctor stuff and go out partying every evening and flame out in a blaze of glory?

Happy Blaze Of Glory!


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