October 09, 2014 - - - 6:43 a.m.

Hermann Emil Fischer

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Today we celebrate the birthday of Hermann Emil Fischer, born in 1852. He was a Nobel Prize winning chemist.

Yesterday was Wednesday, the longest day of the week, the only day that's nine letters long, so you'd expect a lot of it, and you'd be right.

Yesterday started out sorta normal. A chiroquacker knee-jerk resulting in nothing whatsoever, a session with Chadwick the Chainsaw resulting in two garden wagon loads of more firewood to add to the ever-growing stack of free giveaway firewood, a stroll to the post office, stopping brieflly along the way to watch the tron undergrounders.

Then in the evening MrsPest put our Maytag Gemini stove to full use. A batch of cookies in the lower oven, a tray of lasagna in the upper oven, some vegetables and stuff on top.

Then a buncha snap-crackle-pop noises started coming from the stove and we saw what looked like a fire in one corner of the lower oven.

So MrsPest shut off everything on the whole stove, didn't open the oven, and called the fire deptment.

In the coupla minutes it took for the fire truck to get here, the "fire" had mostly gone out, so the firemen did some heat detection measurements round and about the stove area and determined that there was no actual fire outside the oven.

In the end, it appears that the lower oven heating element had simply burned out. The cookies were a bit overdone but not all that bad, the lasagna was pretty much done anyhow, and everything else was okay.

So I guess we're gonna call the Maytag Man (or woman, whoever they send) to replace the heating element and check out the rest of the stove.

Or maybe replace the whole stove. It's sorta old and has got a coupla other problems anyhow.

Anyhow, we hope the Maytag Person enjoys the relief from the boredom the Maytag commercials always portray them suffering from.

And so today I'm eagerly looking forward to a day of nothing happening.

Happy Thursday!


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