October 10, 2014 - - - 6:14 a.m.

Fridtjof Nansen

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Today we celebrate the birthday of Fridtjof Nansen, born in 1861. He was an explorer and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Yesterday our fair isle reconfirmed its eminent status as Drunk Driving Capital of the World.

As I was pulling out of my driveway to go down to St Peters Chapel to mow the lawn, the last two cars to wait for before pulling out were a tron company sky-bucket truck pulling a large trailer fulla big heavy stuff and then a maroon Full Of Rusty Dents pickup truck whose driver was holding the steering wheel sorta high up and sorta hunching a bit forward, like drunk drivers usually do.

So I followed them down onto the island, and the maroon pickup truck was hanging toward the center line of the road like drunk drivers usually do.

Then just before Solomons Pier Restaurant, the tron company truck slowed down with his right turn signal going and began turning right into the parking lot. The pickup truck didn't bother to slow down, but rammed the trailer, thus finding out the hard way what a nice hefty step-plate rear bumper does for a living.

So I saw that the tron company driver was already on his cellaphone, probably dialing 911, so I went on around and mowed the St Peters Chapel lawn and clipped the hedges while watching the proceedings.

The pickup truck driver got out and went staggering around in circles, and then collapsed in a heap in the middle of the street and then two sheriff cars and a state police car arrived and began directing traffic.

So then I finished my job, just as the cops were gently escorting the obviously drunk pickup truck driver off in handcuffs, and I suppose they were probably arranging for a tow truck to haul off the obviously undriveable pickup truck. So I left and went back home.

So our status as Drunk Driving Capital Of The World remains untarnished.

Happy Drunk Driving!


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