October 30, 2014 - - - 7:04 a.m.

Confused Vandals

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Today we make fun of some confused vandals who can't tell Sikhs from Muslims. Actually, their confusion is not all that unusual in the Alternative Universe of Religion Spastics.

The grandiose high Vatican officials can't tell atheists from pagans. Atheists can't tell Christians from Satanists. I can't tell Morons from Jehopeless Witlesses.

Yesterday's chiroquacker knee-jerk may of began to promise to eventually accomplish a bit of progress but I can't really tell yet.

The tron undergrounders were still undergrounding trons a coupla blocks up, on the other side of the street. A buncha huge in-ground transformers (or whatever they are) have been delivered, so I suppose they'll be installing them.

Then at the industrial site they were using a pile driver, and I thought at first it was rock-'n-roll music from somebody's car radio. You see, today's rock-'n-roll music is indistinguishable from the sound of a pile driver.

And then last night's church pot luck dinner was 9 people. The presento afterwards was how to make our church more friendly to visitors. It appears that our church has some pretty severe problems.

At St Peters Chapel, the parking lot we share with the Yacht Club is merrily festooned with unfriendly "No Public Parking - Towaway Zone" signs, and there's no Handicapped Parking. Inside the church there's a rest-room but it's a generic one-holer hidden away with no directions to it, and it's located where even if you know where it is you can't get to it without making a spectacle of yourself in front of the whole congregation.

At Middleham Chapel there's no rest-room at all, so you've gotta trek across a coupla hundred yards of treacherously lumpy graveyard terrain over to the parish hall. Parking is along the busy highway. Handicapped parking alongside the chapel is accessible only via an unmarked half-mile of winding dirt driveway through the graveyard.

At the parish hall, there's lotsa doors into the place, but most of them, intended for emergency exit only, are locked most of the time. A visitor has to hunt around for the one and only entry door. The handicapped parking is in back, clear around the building from the entry door. Inside, there's one tiny, nearly invisible, and misleading sign suggesting the possibility that there might be rest-rooms around here somewhere. Fortunately they're pretty decent rest-rooms once you navigate our experimental mouse-maze and find them.

So we've got a lot of work to do. I hope the folks doing our Buildings And Grounds Planning And Estimating are gonna consider this sorta stuff.

So anyhow, if you're in the community and desire to visit us, please do so and give us your opinions. Don't pull any punches. Let us have it with both barrels.

Happy Not Pulling Punches!


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