August 12, 2014 - - - 6:41 a.m.

Giovanni Legrenzi

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Today we celebrate the baptism day of Giovanni Legrenzi, baptized in 1626. In his social crowd a person was considered to not exist until he was baptized so we celebrate their baptism days instead of birthdays. He was an opera composer.

Yesterday's apptment with the Village Medicine Man was a waste. He couldn't find anything wrong with me. He made the canonically valid adjustments to my blood pressure med and my prostate med and that was that.

And so then I blew off the rest of the day watching the tron undergrounders work along the back street. Sort of an interesting process.

They dig two big holes, about 12 or 15 feet long and about 3 feet wide and about 5 feet deep, a coupla hundred yards apart, and they put a Horizontal Boreholer at one hole and a Conduit Joiner at the other hole.

Then the boreholer operator, who can somehow or t'nother control the direction of his drill bit underground, starts drilling, while another worker bearing some sorta underground radar gadget called a Digi-Trak slowly strolls along the ground tracking the progress of the drill bit, giving guidance instructions to the boreholer operator.

Meanwhile, the people operating the Conduit Joiner at the other end join a big eye-bolt to one end of one section of conduit. When the drill bit gets to the other end, the workmen take the drill bit head off and put on a big eye-bolt in its place, then they shackle the two eye-bolts together.

Then the boreholer operator reverses his boreholer and starts slurping the conduit into the hole, stopping when he's got each section slurped in, then the conduit joiner operator joins on another section of conduit, and the boreholer operator resumes slurping.

Then somehow or t'nother they'll get the wires into the conduit. I haven't seen how they do that yet.

I thought it was fun to watch. Certain other folks think it sounds like an awful bore. But hey, diff'runt strokes fer diff'runt folks!

Happy Diff'runt Strokes!


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